The full linen collection will be available soon to order.

Home from Home is a capsule collection of bespoke made to order hand printed Irish linen.  Our natural landscape and traditional objects used in homes throughout Ireland during the 19th century have inspired the narrative for this series of hand carved designs.

Bread Bags

Tea Towels

Soft Carrier Bags

Home from Home celebrates and embraces the rich tradition of Irish linen weaving. Using rich coloured textile inks, these hand printed Irish linen pieces weave the past and present together.  Bread bags, Napkins, Tea Towels and soft carrier bags are individually cut out, and hand printed to order.  These hand printed special occasion pieces are designed to use every day.  This hand sewn and hand printed linen collection is made using 100% Irish linen woven by Emblem Weavers.

This collaboration is brought together to create made to order hand printed special occasion pieces to use every day.


Home from home is a collection of hand printed and hand sewn Irish linen, made in the most sustainable way with zero waste.

Designed, hand sewn and hand printed in Dublin, Ireland.