An Irish designer, Adelle Hickey has had a successful career in the fashion and film industries. Her research work in Design History and Material Culture has inspired the unique collection of cards, notebooks and prints. The inspiration for the series embraces centuries of Irish visual culture – Archaeology, mythology, needlework, Celtic symbols, wildlife and flowers are bound together in a visual expression of all that is authentically Irish.

The Heart symbol is central to her work and pervades the collection.
An individual approach is taken for different themes.
Designs are shaped by, incorporated into, emerge out of or appear to be escaping the heart in their own unique way.

Hearts of Ireland is a visual story that invests in our sense of belonging to a place and time.  History and traditions create memories to explore and connect with in a new way.

This collection of cards, notebooks and prints, are beautiful gifts for life-designed, hand drawn, hand carved and hand printed in Ireland in the most sustainable way.