Adelle Hickey graduated from Fashion in NCAD.  She worked in the Fashion industry both in Ireland and abroad for more than fifteen years.

Honing her skills, she launched her women’s wear label. On’ was a personal approach to designing and creating women’s wear. Each collection was made up of hand-finished limited editions. Classical beauty and elegant femininity was created for the individual. Fabrics were mixed and stitched with threads, ribbons and beads.  The Apron was central to each collection and her signature garment. Adelle has had a successful career in both the fashion and film industries and was also a part-time design tutor with CDETB.   

Her continued research work in the History of Design and Material Culture inspired this series of designs. Hearts of Ireland is a unique collection of hand printed designs is inspired by Irish Visual Culture. The Heart symbol is both central to her work and an important design element throughout the collection. The series embraces centuries of Irish visual culture, archaeology, mythology, needlework, Celtic symbols, wildlife and flowers. Each design is hand-drawn then hand carved and individually hand printed. Irish heritage as a theme pervades this collection, creating an opportunity to explore and reference wide areas within Irish Visual Culture. The hand-printing and hand-made practice is a crucial element of the product, creating a unique gift every time

These designs are brought together in vivid colours to create a unique series of hand-printed cards, signed prints and hand bound and stitched linen notebooks. All of the products are made in the most sustainable way. All of the materials used to create the products are sourced in Ireland and where possible materials sourced are recycled. 

Hand drawn, hand carved and hand printed in Dublin, Ireland.